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History of Products Developed

History of Products Developed

1993 DT Type Digital Torque Meter
1995 AC110V/220V Full auto/Semi Auto Electric Screwdriver
1998 TL Series DC Type Electric Screwdriver / Power Controller
2000 RT Type Digital Torque Meter
2001 Ningbo Tai-Li A.E.T. CO., LTD. Established in Ningbo, China TL65 DC Type Electric Screwdriver
2002 ESD Safe Electric Screwdriver
2003 TLF Electric Screwdriver for Automatic Operation
2004 STC Screw Counter
2005 2250/3250/4250Low Speed Electric Screwdriver SB Taper Tools
2007 B Series Brushless Electric Screwdriver
Switching Power Supply BT-5A
2013 BT Series Bluetooth Torque Meter
Android App for BT Torque Meter
2014 B02/B03 Mini Brushless Electric Screwdriver
Participating in Global Exhibitions of Electric Tools
Our factories of spare parts apply the most advancing CNC equipment
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