Product Customization

Product Customization

HIMAX Speed(RPM) Adjustable Electric Screwdriver

B-02A/ B-03A 90RPM~750RPM
HIMAX provides another product line extended from B-02/B-03 Mini Brushless Electric Screwdrivers, which is B-02A/ B-03A

Internally Speed(RPM) adjustment, the RPM can be stepless adjusted between 90RPM to 750RPM

Model B-02A B-03A
Rated Voltage DC 24V DC 24V
Rated Power Consumption 20W 20W
Torque Range 0.20~1.50 0.50~3.00
N-m 0.02~0.15 0.05~0.30
Lbf-in 0.17~1.30 0.43~2.60
Torque Accuracy ±3% ±3%
Torque Adjusting Mode Stage Less Stage Less
No Load RPM 750 RPM 750 RPM
Weight (g) 210 210
Length(mm) 180 180
Applicable Screw Range (mm) 1.0~2.6 1.0~2.6
Applicable Bits H4 (¢4mm) H4 (¢4mm)
Power Supply BT-2A, BT-5A BT-2A, BT-5A

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