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Corporate News

High speed and high efficiency-Electric Screwdriver

HIMAX has developed a series of electric screwdrivers for assembly in industrial application, which have high quality while offered at reasonable price. The products have passed many international safety certifications such as CCC and CE¡K All parts are manufactured in mass quantity with unified specifications. No need to train operators or servicemen in the factory for professional use. The products enjoy a ready market over over the world , receiving favorable comments. They suit application in precise assembly industry.

Stable and precise torque
With the precise torque control unit, when locking to the set torque value, it skips easily without a loose tooth and counterforce, smooth handle, torque accuracy for fastening each screw within 3%.

High speed and high efficiency
High rotary speed suits operation by high-speed .

Ergonomic design
With new ergonomic design, it is small, light and easy to hold.

Double insulation design
With multiple insulation design, it is safe and dependable.

Balanced and simplified design
With professional balanced design and simplified inner mechanism, the motor and gear produce small vibration and low noise in operation.

Easy maintenance
All parts are manufactured in unified specifications, which minimizes the possible problem without the need of specialized maintenance and outfit.

After-sales service warranty
Permanent specialized operation system provides complete product after-sales service warranty.

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