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HIMAX B Series Brushless DC Electric Screwdriver
Brushless Electric Screwdrivers

Brushless Electric Screwdriver

B-10 Brushless


Innovative design, durability, high performance, and low maintenance requirement are the features of our Brushless Electric Screwdrivers. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient Brushless Electric Screwdriver.

HIMAX Brushless Electric Screwdriver is easy to maintain, environment friendly and suitable for clean room operation.

.High quality brushless motor guarantees outstanding output torque and durability without maintenance.
.Turning on and off by semi-conductor almost makes permanent switch.
.Low Noise no carbon brush gritted, the noise is too low to interfere other electronic products.
.Stable and precise torque makes it high repeatability to provide high performance assembly ability.
.Having an auto-break function when the screw is tightened can reduce 80% noises.
.The usage of 30v DC ensures safety.
.Precision "Soft-Start" function prevents shock to sensitive assemblies.
.Fitted with STC-01 with screw counting function.
Model B-05 B-10 B-15
Starting Mode Trigger Start
Torque Spring Color Yellow Silver Silver Green Gold Silver2.1
Output Kgf-cm 0.5~4.0 1.0~5.5 1.0~5.5 2.0~12.0 2.0~10.0 3.0~18.0
Torque N-m 0.05~0.40 0.10~0.55 0.10~0.55 0.2~1.2 0.2~1.0 0.3~1.8
Range Lbf-in 0.43~3.50 0.90~4.80 0.90~4.80 1.7~10.4 1.7~9.0 2.6~15.6
Torque Adjusting Mode Stepless Adjusting
No Load RPM 1000 1000 850
Applicable Screw Range(mm) 1.0~2.0 1.4~2.6 1.4~2.6 2.0~3.0 2.0~3.0 2.0~5.0
Applicable Bits (Optional) H4/H5/HEX
Weight (g) 390
Dimension (mm) 210
Adapted Power Supply BT-5A
CLT-50S/ CLT-50

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