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Fitted with CLT-50 power controller. can be used for HIMAX TL series electric screwdriver.With screw counting function, it can preset the lock screw quantity required for the work piece to avoid missing out unlocked screws.
  • Can set 1-99 types of screws for the single work piece
  • Can set 1-99 screw counts for every type of screw that preset for the work piece
  • Each time when finishing a work piece, the counter will be auto reset and immediately ready for next turn of operation
  • To avoid repeated counting, the counter has time judge function. (Will not count for the repeated locking operation on the same screw in a short period of time.)
  • It can adjust time judge function according to the degree of difficulty of screw locking operation
  • Automatically lock the keyboard to prevent inadvertent presses
  • Prevent error counting and more other functions, convenient and practical

Finished Product (workpiece) Counting Range 0000~9999
Screw Type Counting Range 00~99
Screw number (for each type) Counting Range 00~99
Input Signal Contact Type Signal (such as relay's mechanical switch, semi-conductor's joint less signal, etc.)
Input Power DC9V/100mA
Dimension 126x80x25mm
Weight 360g
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