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SB-400C / SBT-50

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Fulfill the preset depth, auto stop and return. It is the best tool for preventing break of screw tap.
The machine can auto sense the excessive load between the screw tap and screw hole and return to prevent break of screw tap Whether for a stop hole or through hole, it can fulfill the preset depth then auto return and exit to improve the work efficiency. Besides that, the depth of screw tap can also be freely adjusted.

The machine is especially fit for application in operation of glass screw. '1 Vi . it -1’ and through screw hole of Al-Mg alloy NB shell.
Fitted with special transformer SBT-50
Tapping capacity mm 0.9~3.0
Grip head diameter mm max. 4mm
Torque range for sale load: N m 0 1~0.55
Rotary speed without load(r.p.m) HI 1000 I LOW 670
Full length 250mm
Weight 420g
Accessories Depth preset: 2mm/2.3mmI2i6mrn one each
Grip head spanner 1 set
5P connecting wire 1 5m
83-4000 5 837-50