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HIMAX Automatic Screw Feeder
Automatic Screw Feeders

Automatic Screw Feeder

SF-1 Automatic Screw Feeder


We always import cost effective and superior quality raw materials and equipment, which in turn enables us to make our Automatic Screw Feeder available to our clients at industry leading prices with the surety of outstanding function and performance.

The New Generation of Automatic Screw Feeder
1.Adjustable screw guide, one machine for all screws!
2.Roller supplying without screw stuck!
3.Freely adjust the working speed!
4.Alarm for breakdown!
5.With statistics function!
Adjustable for Wide Range
The track can be adjusted freely to suit various types of screws, like M1.0 - M5.0 standard screws (1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 2.0, 2.3, 2.6, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0), special screws, 1:1 short screw, filling piece screw and so on. It can be operated in either metric system or imperial system. Even novices can learn how to use it easily and operate it freely.
Running Smoothly
Screws roll inside the cylinder, and the screws which do not enter the track will be cleared away and go into the cylinder for next cycle to ensure that there will be no screw stuck.
Adjustable Working Speed
Be able to freely adjust the working pace and the feeding speed without generate tremble to ensure your working efficiency!
Automatic Alarm Function
With independent control on feeding system and vibrator drive system, you can set ideal postponement of stop. When the abnormality occurs, HIMAX SF-1 will start the alarm function.
Statistical Function
Can set the amount of screws used in a certain task to improve operational management.
Method of Operation
HIMAX SF-1 is easier to operate than other similar products!
1. When taking out screws, you only need to aim at the screw head, put the bits into guide slot, slide along the guide, and pull off the screw in the direction of user.
2. Compared with traditional screw plate, user can save 1.4 seconds for taking out each screw to enhance the productivity 4 times higher.
3. Easy to operate, even novices can learn how to use it quickly.
4. No need to aim at screws. Put piles of screws into the feeding trough.
5. Extensively applied to various screws with different types and sizes.
6. Small and refined.
7. Automatically guide. Use with electric/pneumatic screwdrivers without screw stuck! It is an ideal product to replace traditional screw plate.
Suitable Screw Head Suit various types of screws(Max L=20MM)
Output Speed 2 scews/second
Input Voltage DC 12V/550Max
Product Size 180mm*125mm*150mm(L*W*H)
Weight About 2.5kg(Net)
Accessories Instruction, DC Power Source(Input 180-220V Output DC12V), Interior Hex Wrench
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