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HIMAX TL Series DC Electric Screwdriver
Electric Screwdrivers

Electric Screwdrivers



Our company is a custom screwdriver manufacturer that has successfully delivered all types of Electric Screwdrivers to across the world. We take pride in our Electric Screwdrivers as high quality products with workmanship that matches.

Torque Controlled Electric Screwdriver
Low Torque Type 0.2~2.5 kgf-cm
Precise torque gives full power!
DC electric screwdrivers are more accurate in torque control and are more durable than AC electric screwdrivers.

Two sets of ball bearing are used to fix position for transmission system and attain stable torque output for rotary transmission.

Built-in needle roller bearing clutch unit lowers the mechanical friction coefficient and achieves the highest accuracy.

No noise
Performance motor has fast heat elimination, which enables the screwdriver keep low temperature during continued operation.

Model TL-2000 TL-3000
Starting Mode Trigger Start
Output Kgf-cm 0.2~1.5 0.5~2.5
Torque N-m 0.02~0.15 0.05~0.25
Range Lbf-in 0.17~1.28 0.43~2.15
Torque Adjusting Mode Stepless Adjusting
No Load RPM
HI 1000 1000
LOW 700 700
Applicable Machine 1.0~2.0 1.0~2.3
Applicable Screw Range(mm) Tapping 1.0~1.7 1.0~2.0
Applicable Bits (Optional) H4 H4
Deadweight (g) 310 310
Main applicable products
Cameras, timekeepers, mobiles, digital cameras, HDD, CD, laser reading heads, UPS navigators, small VTR, computers, TFT panels and NB notebook PC.
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