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We are reckoned as one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of Digital Torque Meter. Over the years of experience, we have achieved expertise in the developing and providing Bluetooth Torque Meter in varied specifications as per the needs of the clients.

The HIMAX torque meter is mainly used to accurately measure the output torque of small torque tools to manage the torque tools used on the production line to achieve consistent standard output values so as to improve production efficiency, lower the defect and build high quality and low waste economic benefit.

This product can be fitted to user's own managing according to different needs on different occasions such as to measure the support torque of the hinge of LCD panel of a notebook computer, the reset torque of the rear view mirror of a car, etc.

HIMAX torque meter is provided with auto reset function. It may improve work efficiency for repeat measurement on a same torque tool. Auto power off system may effectively prolong the operation time, convenient in carrying and use. Wireless data output via Bluetooth can facilitate the data application and analysis.

Bluetooth data output interface
Android analyzing APP
HIMAX BT Torque Meter Android APP
1.Wireless data output via Bluetooth
2.Automatically output the report for your torque measurements
3.Able to set customized parameters for the report
4.Able to save and email the reports And more convenient features

You may download HIMAX BT Torque Meter APP on Google Play Store
Model BT-10 BT-100
Measurement Range 0.01~10.00 Kgf-cm/ 0.01~9.0 Lbf-in 0.1~100.0 Kgf-cm/ 0.1~90.0 Lbf-in
Accuracy 0.5%(F.S.) 2.00Kgf-cm / 1 digit 0.5%(F.S.) 20.0Kgf-cm / 1 digit
Power 1.2V Nicd cell 6pcs.
Recharging Time Within 15 Hours
Time for Coutinuous Use at Full Charge 20 Hours
Battery Life Approx. 300 charges
Dimension 210x115x50mm
240x115x50(with antenna)
Weight 2.1kg