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HIMAX B Series Brushless DC Electric Screwdriver
HIMAX B-20 Brushless Electric Screwdriver

Brushless Electric Screwdriver

B-20 Large Torque


We can develop the top-in-the-quality Brushless Electric Screwdriver that not only embodies user-friendly and functional features but also ensures remarkable processing capacity as well as peerless performance.

HIMAX B-20 is large torque brushless electric screwdriver which provides sufficient torque output and can achieve precise torque control.
B-20 Torque Range 3.0~20.0 kgf-cm(0.2~2.0 N.m)

All new design!
Rotating speed and starting mode adjustable!
.All new design with full power output.
.Large torque range, suitable for various tasks.
.Modularized design, easy to maintain.
.Lasting RTG, protecting electronic components
.ESD body frame with better ESD effect.
.High quality brushless motor
.No need to change carbon brush, economic and environmentally friendly.
.Freely switch between lever start and push start
.Rotating speed adjustable: RPM can be stepless adjusted from 100~950RPM
.When torque>20Kgf-cm, please use lower RPM for safety.
.Compatible with STC-02 screw counter.
Model B-20 B-30
Rated Voltage DC30V DC30V
Output Kgf-cm 0.5~4.0 1.0~5.5
Torque N-m 0.05~0.40 0.10~0.55
Range Lbf-in 0.43~3.50 0.90~4.80
Torque Accuracy (with out human factor) +-3%
Torque Adjusting Mode Step less Adjustment
Starting Mode Lever Start/ Push Start Switchable
No Load RPM 100~950
Applicable Screw Range(mm) 2.0~5.0
Applicable Bits (Optional) H5/HEX
Weight (g) 720
Dimension (mm) 290
Adapted Power Supply BT-5A BT-5A

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