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TL-3250(Slow Speed)


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HIMAX TL-3250/4250/5250 are slow speed(slow RPM) electric screwdrivers.
In special precise screw locking process, it is required to output accurate and stable torque while operation in high-speed environment is prohibited.

For instance, locking of optical glass, projector R. G. B. focusing plate and fixing of laser reading head etc.
Through low-speed and high-precision torque setting, the safe fastening operation is realized.
Model TL-3250 TL-4250 TL-5250
Output Kgf-cm 0.5~2.5 1.5~5.5 2.0~10.0
Torque N-m 250 250 250
Range Lbf-in 180 180 180